Which is better iphone or android in 2021?

Which is better iphone or android in 2021?


                 There is always a debate between iPhone and android lovers that is which is better iPhone or android. Every phone has its own particular advantages and disadvantages. If you are thinking to buy a new smartphone then you have to take a big decision.

                 Most chances are, you’ll decide between the ios and the Android operating system. Everyone’s smartphone needs are different. And therefore no one can say that one platform is objectively better than the other, but I do think it’s fair to point out the specific strengths that ios has over Android. How do you consider which option is better for you? If you are thinking to buy the iPhone in upcoming 2021, I am telling you some facts here that why the iPhone is better than the Android.

1. Easy to use 2. Security  3.Working speed 4. Regular updates 5. Camera quality 6. AirDrop Sharing 7. Battery 8. Higher resale value 9. No bloatware 10. Apple Store Support 11. Brand value


1. Easy to Use, which is better iphone or android

              I think it’s the number one reason why people choose iOS over Android. And that is the user experience. Apple is great at making tech products for non-tech people. And I think iOS does a fantastic job at keeping things simple enough that everyday people can pick up an iPhone or iPad without being intimidated by an overly complicated interface that plagues many Android devices.

 2. Security

            For security reasons, which is better iPhone or android? here are some important points to discuss.  Some individuals do not worry about protection, but the majority of folks are really conscious they understand the value of data. Because of this, the iPhone is much safer than an Android. Apple is broadening the range of its encryption. Android delivers a full lot more freedom to people as compared to iPhone does, But this freedom is expensive for us. Many studies suggest that a greater percentage of mobile malware threats targets android than ios. This is mostly because of android’s open approach, but apple tightly controls apps that are available on its app store. Regular software upgrading and by controlling apps apple prevents malware threats much more than android. So here for security reasons, iphones are better than android.

3. Working speed, which is better iphone or android

              No buddy likes lazy devices. Because it hampers your consumer experience. Luckily this does not happen in the case of iPhones. Apple designs its software and hardware by their own. IOS gives the best, stable, and faster user experience than android. Apple’s iPhone becomes a leader here due to better hardware and software integration. You get Siri which is an artificial intelligence that helps you for using your iPhone easier and faster. I will suggest you to turn on Siri, if you are first time using an iPhone. It is very easy to turn on Siri and it works with your voice command. It would simply read your voice and then respond back the way you want it. Day by day Siri is becoming more high tech with intelligence.

4. Regular Updates

             Apple has a best track record of updating its phones. Because of regular updates, your old phone will get new features, better support and security. Apple is able to maintain iphone for longer because they control the software and the hardware aspects of the phone. Iphones price is high but for a phone that will last you for at least 4 years of updates will sound like a good deal.

5. Camera quality

          The craze for selfies and video making is increasing day by day. Everyone wants to capture their best moments in their life. Heavy camera creates handling problems during travelling. Here iphone is better option to capture beautiful moments. But why? because iPhones have great cameras. I like the fact that they provide consistent image quality with accurate skintones and class leading video quality. When it comes to video quality on smartphones, iPhones are class leading because of extended HDR. You get the best balanced camera experience with the latest iPhones with both the front and back cameras



6. AirDrop Sharing Between Apple Devices

       Airdrop in iPhone makes it easy to share different things. IPhones don’t use advanced sharing like Android, but iPhone-to-iPhone sharing is much easier. You can airdrop content between iPhone and Mac.

7. Battery

        Powerful and long lasting battery is one of the most important thing for any phone. It helps you to get more working time. I think that iphone has much better and long lasting battery than android phone. I understand that recent Android phones have higher capacity and much more power than normal phones. But the main question is about how much longer can it last. So here iphone is much better than Android Phones.

8. Higher resale value

          Many people resell their phones after 2 to 3 years for buying advance smartphones. Everyone knows that, the cost value of old smartphones decrease day by day.  Iphone costs more than android phones. But many reports have shown that iPhones retain more value than android phones. Here, iphone owners are very lucky than android owners. So, this is major difference  between iPhone and android.

9. No Bloatware

         You will get all the necessary apps in iphone which you want. You can use it by just turn on phone. On the other hand, you have to find the apps you need in Android. And while installing it, you also get unnecessary apps. Then you have to spend some time to uninstall those unnecessary apps.

10. Apple Store Support

       The Apple Store is known as customer friendly. If you have a problem with your iPhone, you can go to the Apple Store and fix it. If not, you also get the option of exchange. IPhone owners can call or chat online if they have any problems. Apple Store Support also offers insurance and warranty.

11. Brand  value

           Nowdays, in our society iphone and apple products are like as a status symbol. Many people change their perception about your social status when they see iphone in your hand. It is because of higher brand value of apple products and most importantly they work well. You get a world class design hardware, software, AI, customer support and the latest apps with your iphone purchase.


             Which is better iPhone or android, I think it all depends on what people think. For some people, Android and Iphone are better only because they are comfortable using these devices. But some people look at technology, features and looks while buying a new phone. From the above perspective you can understand that why iphone is better than android in many aspects. I hope that you guys have received some good thing from this article. What is your opinion about ios vs android, please comment your suggestions.










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